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for healthy living

Are you an influencer in healthy food or just love to write, film, or take photos of subjects ranging from healthy food to wellness? Across the community, members express their love of food in many different ways; writers share their intel on everything from important food issues to the best local eats through written and visual stories; photographers take drool-worthy photos for writers’ content or the chapters’ social media accounts; marketers make noise on social and plan epic events to show off the local food scen

Our team helps influencers to get involved with paid lifestyle projects, expand their network and have a lot of fun. Each selected influencer will get invited to exclusive events, access to post on their Piicked profile, which reaches all of our audience, as well as help with their profile branding, introductions to other users, and invitations to cool parties, cooking classes, healthy farm to table meals and other fun events.


Piicked is a community and social network for influencers and experts who inspire people to live their healthiest lives. Here you can build meaningful relationships and grow your following— the folks who make up your food tri


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