We’re pleased to present Traditional Wisdom vs Future of Food, a cook-off that pits two teams that represent healthy cooking inspired by the past and future.

Join us for a fun night of healthy competition, learning, and fun!


|| the details ||

Traditional Wisdom vs Future of Food is a cook-off that lets chefs face off in a fun and educational competition. Each chef will demo a dish or drink inspired by traditional wisdom —the wealth of knowledge from the past such as foraging and fermentation, or the future of food — the possibilities that food science and innovation can bring like CBD infusions, regenerative farming, and plant or insect based meat alternatives.

There will also be immersive learning stations and vendor food sampling from our partners throughout the night. Come join for a yummy and educating interactive experience at the industrial kitchen space of Kitchen on Fire (Oakland location).


Two teams will battle it out!

TEAM 1: Traditional Wisdom - this team represents the wealth of knowledge from our food heritage —think fermentation, foraging, herbalism, etc.

TEAM 2: Future of Food - this team represents the possibilities that science and innovation can bring, such as insect protein and CBD infusions.

The chefs will be judged on taste, health benefits, and adherence to the theme, and one winner will be selected by a panel of judges including Michelin star restaurant chef Jeremy Belson and ReGrained Commander-in-Chief Philip Saneski.


Chat with local food makers and learn about their story and process while tasting samples. Select audience members will also be able to sample the dishes from the cook-off before casting their votes alongside the panel of judges.

Vendors - email info@piicked.com for more information.




Roll up your sleeves and learn from chefs and makers on how to cook for health through fermenting, working with spices, or incorporating CBD into food for anti-inflammatory effects. The space is an industrial kitchen in Oakland, so you’ll have plenty of space to experiment and get immersed!

Sponsors and partners - email info@piicked.com your proposal.

|| the judges ||



Jeremy Nelson is a chef and forager who has been working in Bay Area restaurants for over a decade. He was the Chef de Cuisine at Encuentro in Oakland, where he honed his skills in produce forward farm-to-table cooking. He then joined the kitchens of Bay Wolf, Acquerello, and Lazy Bear (the last two both earning 2 Michelin stars).



Philip has culinary experience as a line cook in Michelin-Star kitchens, Pastry Chef for an upscale hotel then bread bakery, and at AQ Restaurant, a James Beard Award finalist for best new restaurant in the country. He is a past-board member of the Research Chefs Association where he continues to oversee the world's first food waste product development student competition he led the launch of in 2016. Philip is currently the Vice President of Product and Commander-in-Chef for ReGrained, a San Francisco-based emerging brand that combines culinary science principles wit technology co-created alongside the USDA to close the loop between urban craft breweries and sustainable food systems, and rescue the nutritious grain every time beer is brewed.

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